Number Registration versus Call Label Remediation

What is the difference between number registration and call label remediation?

Number Registration versus Call Label Remediation

Is call label remediation part of your success strategy? Many organizations operate under the misconception that registering their business phones with the phone companies and their analytics partners is the comprehensive solution to ensure uninterrupted communication with clients. This registration process is a critical step, as it involves making your business information known to the three major analytics partners responsible for applying call labels to phone numbers (e.g., spam risk, potential spam). Upon validation, your business may be assigned a better reputation score, which can help mitigate the risk of your calls being labeled negatively.

Why Call Label Remediation Is Important

However, the registration process itself does not grant your numbers immunity against being labeled or mislabeled as spam or fraud. It is also not guaranteed that your outgoing calls will be allowed to reach the consumer on some major networks. It’s a common fallacy to equate registration with a whitelist status; in reality, it merely provides the analytics engines with more context about your business, which can influence your reputation score positively.

The Role of Call Label Remediation

This is where call label remediation takes center stage. While phone number registration lays the groundwork by enhancing your visibility and reputation among analytics partners, it does not safeguard against the persistent challenge of your calls being mislabeled as spam. Call label remediation is the pivotal, ongoing process that all outbound call centers must engage in to protect and maintain their ability to communicate effectively and, most importantly, successfully.

Call label remediation involves the continuous monitoring of your registered phone numbers to detect any instance of them being unfairly labeled as spam or fraud. This is an area rife with complexities, as telecommunications is constantly changing, with algorithms (and policies) frequently updated and new criteria for labeling calls being constantly introduced.

How Number Sentry Pioneers in Call Label Remediation with Number Guard

Number Sentry’s Number Guard not only tests phone numbers post-registration to identify any labels or blocks, but also actively remediates them. Each time a label is detected, Number Sentry engages with carrier partners to advocate on behalf of their clients, demonstrating why the affected number should not be categorized as spam.

In addition to the live call testing of your outbound numbers, what sets Number Sentry apart is its response to the fluid nature of call labeling algorithms. A number cleared of spam labels today can often be flagged again in the future. This is why Number Sentry’s approach is not a one-time effort but a continuous process of vigilance, testing, and advocacy. This ensures that clients’ numbers maintain the highest possible integrity and effectiveness for business communications.

Phone number registration is only the first step in establishing a baseline of trust and integrity for call center communications. The real battle lies in the ongoing process of call label remediation. Number Sentry’s Number Guard solution offers call centers the tools they need to ensure their calls reach their intended recipients without unjust labels. Staying ahead means staying engaged, and call label remediation is the key to ensuring that engagement is successful and sustainable. Reserve your demo today by clicking here.

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