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Focused solely on Improving Connect Rates for Businesses & Contact Centers, Number Sentry is the Leading, Full-Service Carrier with an Advanced, Technology-Enabled Telemanagement Solution that Gives You the Insight and Tailored Services to Immediately Increase Your Customer Contact Rates in the voice channel.

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Call Center Leaders, Dialer Companies, and Leading Call Center Advisors all choose Number Sentry to achieve better results.

We saw a significant improvement in right-party contact rates. Everything improved across the board. Number Sentry has been a good partner for us – they listen, are responsive, and their product works – really works.

Mike Brunken
    Mike Brunken

    NetTel USA, Inc./Sunrise Credit Service VP Operations

    Number Sentry - they are like a good umpire in baseball. You don’t even know they are there. It just works in the game, and the game continues to play. Anyone that does any type of volume in outbound calls needs Number Sentry.

    Michael Jeselnik
      Michael Jeselnik

      Consultant, Former General Manager Carter Young, Inc.

      Number Sentry's product is very good. It's unique. It's specific, and it meets our needs. But again, it's not only what they do, but it's how they do it – the help, the care, the support, and the feedback that we’ve always gotten.

      David Kelley
        David Kelley

        The Preferred Group of Tampa President and CEO

        The carriers are blocking traffic, policing traffic, but they are also blocking legitimate businesses. We were often labeled as SPAM. Our calls didn’t go through. So here comes Number Sentry.  Number Sentry fixes it better than all of the competitors. Head-to-head comparisons, significant improvement in our call delivery rates.

        Jim Hess
          Jim Hess

          AFNI Executive Director - Receivables Management Division

          I’ve checked these guys out. Their understanding of what call centers need and how to improve voice call contacts is first-rate. But taking that knowledge and turning into novel and usable solutions that really impact call center bottom lines is where Number Sentry is really one in a million.

          Jim Lynch
            Jim Lynch

            Chief Product Managment Positions in Accounts Receivable Market

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