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Solutions that Increase Customer Contact

Number Sentry understands the complex maze of barriers that discourage consumers from answering your outbound calls
…assuming your calls aren’t Blocked or Labeled before they get to them!
Number Sentry gives you the Advanced Analytics,
…the Call Label, Call Blocking and Brand Scanning technology
…and the DID & Carrier Services that keep your calls flowing
Simply put, our Solutions increase the odds that consumers will accept your calls…

Number Sentry is Your Answer to Better Contact Rates

Your Answer for Call Blocking
& Spam Labeling
Labeling & Blocking Detection technology identifies Call Labeling and Call Blocking issues on your calling numbers
…and we Register your numbers to clean them up!
See Immediate carrier-by-carrier Labeling & Blocking results as you watch your Contact Rates improve.

* Actual Number Guard screenshot

* Actual Number Guard screenshots

Our “Brand Scan” shows you how your calls are presented on a typical Consumers’ mobile phone… carrier-by-carrier
Visualize your call branding to put yourself in the shoes of those you are calling. Does your Call Branding compel them to answer?
Number Sentry also helps you identify the best ‘go-forward’ DID Strategy, based on Traffic Studies of your actual outbound calling patterns…
State Level DID Target Mapping helps you identify exactly where you need DIDs…
Stop Call Blocking, Minimize Spam Labeling
  • Call Labeling & Blocking Detection across 21 USA Carriers & the Top Mobile Apps
  • Number Registration to clear Call Blocking & Call Labeling
  • No-contract, month-to-month, cancel anytime
  • ‘Brand Scan’ shows you carrier-by-carrier screenshot examples of how consumers see your call
Create an Outbound DID Number Strategy Based On Your Actual Calling Patterns
  • Which Carriers Terminate Most of Your Outbound Calls
  • What is the Optimal Number of DIDs & the Best Type of DIDs for Your Business needs
  • State level DID Target Mapping
  • Expert guidance for developing the right Call Branding Strategy for your business

Starting as low as
 $699 / month

No Contract – Cancel Anytime

…Immediate Labeling & Blocking improvement
      …a DID Strategy based on your own Outbound Traffic
            …Brand Scanning across carriers

Number Guard puts you on your way to
Better Answers.

Your Answer for Quality DIDs
and Basic Call Branding

Number Shield leverages our exclusive LocalPOP™ Analytics to drive your DID strategy to a deeper level.

Our LocalPOP™ DID Analytics engine turns your DID strategy into reality by identifying exactly which Area Codes have the highest consumer POPulations in the places that you are calling.

   …and precisely how many DID numbers you need in each of your high impact calling destinations

…No more guessing about where and how many DIDs you need
   …No more random ‘buckets’ of numbers
      …Get a data-driven analysis of your DID requirements
based on your company’s specific calling patterns

Get Better Answers by hyper-targeting the most familiar Area
Codes in the places you are calling with LocalPOP™ Analytics

* Number Sentry screenshot

As a licensed carrier with numbering authority granted by the FCC and NECA, Number Sentry has more options to obtain and distribute DID phone numbers than most.  This ensures your Number Shield DIDs will align with your DID strategy to give you the biggest lift in consumer contact rates.

…Easily Implement your DID Strategy with the DID numbers you need
   …DIDs are pre-tested for residual call labeling and call blocking
 pre-existing business names still lingering on your number
         …No changes to your carrier or dialer setup

Get Better Answers with High Quality
DIDs from Number Shield

Basic Call Branding lets you display your business name, promote a short message about the nature of your call, or simply display a callback number to the consumer.

Basic Call Branding can reach over two-thirds of USA consumer phones
 – and there are no special handset requirements
 – it even displays your Call Brand on wearable devices!

PLUS, our Basic Call Branding pricing is not usage or impression based.  Boost your company’s brand awareness for a flat-rate monthly fee on each Number Shield DID.

…Brand Your Calls on up to two-thirds of US consumer phones
   …Your Branded Call displays on any type of handset – even wearables
      …Flat-rate Basic Call Branding protects your budget

* Number Sentry screenshot

Protect your Number Shield DID numbers from Call Blocking and Call Labeling issues by adding them to your existing Number Guard plan.

Or – with 75 or more Number Shield DID numbers, you can choose to add our Guard feature to your Number Shield DID numbers to protect them from Blocking and Labeling on the largest carriers and apps.

Whichever way you choose to defend your Number Shield DID Numbers from Blocking and Labeling, you’ll get:

  • Ongoing Monitoring & Cleaning of Blocked or Labeled numbers
  • Dashboard level visibility and deep drilldown reporting
  • Call Blocking and Labeling trending by carrier / app
  • Brand Scans to see how your company’s name appears on consumer’s screens

Deeper DID Number Targeting with options to add Basic Call Branding and Blocking & Labeling Protection

  • LocalPOP™ DID Analysis Targets the Best Area Codes for Your Outbound Calling Patterns
  • Optimized Number of Quality DIDs provided by Number Sentry
  • Add flat-rate Basic Call Branding to any Number Shield DID
  • Elect to Guard your Number Shield DIDs from labeling & blocking - or add them to your current Number Guard plan

Get Better Answers with Quality DIDs that are Branded on a Budget You Can Afford!

Your Answer for the Best
Possible Contact Rates

Building on the advanced capabilities of Number Guard and Number Shield, Number Defender is the ultimate solution for optimizing your Customer Contact rates.

At Number Sentry, we constantly innovate and develop new technologies to address existing and emerging barriers that keep your Call Center from reaching Consumers.

     Stay Tuned – Coming Soon…