Why Are My Outbound Numbers Being Labeled As Spam?

Are your outbound numbers being labeled as spam

Why Are My Outbound Numbers Being Labeled As Spam?

Are your call center outbound numbers being labeled as spam? You’re not alone. While it is frustrating, it is a common issue that outbound call centers encounter across all industries.  Whether you’re in healthcare, financial services, collections, charity organization, etc.

So, how are my outbound numbers being labeled as spam?  Each of the large wireless carriers has an analytic partner that run algorithms to determine if the consumer might want this call or if it’s possibly an unwanted call. If they determine it’s an unwanted call, they determine what negative label to apply to that call. The label could be spam, scam, account services, telemarketer, etc.

Every single call and number gets analyzed and a decision is made by the algorithm partner on behalf of the wireless carrier. The algorithm partners are: First Orion for T-Mobile. Hiya for AT&T. And TNSi for Verizon Wireless.

This process for the wireless carriers is not unlike every email that goes through some spam detection filters, before you actually receive an email. The algorithms for email have been out there for almost 20 years and they have been refined over the years and are quite accurate. The wireless spam algorithms have only been in existence for the last three to four years and there is still a lot of refinement that needs to take place by each of the carrier partners.  So, for now, it’s painful if you are an outbound call center.

Also, trying to understand the algorithm labeling variables, by each of the wireless carrier partners, is basically impossible.  It’s like trying to fully understand the FICO credit score.  You’ll just never be able to fully understand the exact details of each carrier model but over time and with a great strategy and monitoring you’ll be able to determine what is working best for your organization to minimize spam labeling, thus increasing connects.

So, what’s a call center to do to stop its outbound numbers being labeled as spam?

  • Understand this area takes a focused management approach and strategy

Gone are the days of getting a number and you start dialing.  You need a defined strategy to adhere to and you need to monitor the results.   And then you can continue changing your strategy over time, based on the results.  Basically, rinse and repeat to see what is working for your center with outbound calling. 

Focus on a set of well managed numbers and don’t go swapping numbers often. Apply your defined strategy to a consistent set of numbers and monitor the impacts. Don’t swap numbers. You can’t have a strategy of having a winning little league team if you are changing out your players every game. You have to pick a path and execute.  

  • The strategy starts with addressing the labeling and blocking issues.

For your set of well managed numbers you need Registration, Detection, Remediation and then you need to repeat. You can then also do everything right on your side and still have some carrier or switch upstream that blocks your call.  So, your strategy must also look at the delivery of the calls. This part of the strategy involves understanding how effective your carrier is in delivering your calls.   But that’s a topic for another blog that will be forthcoming.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be addressing each of these three areas. However, this is a time-consuming process that is not a one-and-done approach. Number Sentry’s Number Guard transforms spam tagging with its innovative live number testing method. Unlike other approaches, Number Sentry conducts real-world tests by placing calls through 21 carriers and eight popular apps to real cell phones, capturing detailed data and screenshots of how a number appears to users.

Number Guard provides a direct view into the user experience, offering valuable insights into how users perceive a call center’s incoming calls. With the ability to conduct daily, intra-day, and even hourly test calls, Number Guard provides outbound call centers with a robust and precise solution for detecting spam tagging and call-blocking issues. Live number testing ensures that outbound call centers receive accurate and timely feedback. Additionally, Number Sentry proactively manages the registration and remediation of your call center’s numbers daily. Together, the live number testing and daily remediation approach significantly reduces the risk of being labeled as spam and enhances the effectiveness of call center communication efforts. Learn more on our Solutions page or give us a call to set up a free demonstration: 678.915.2501.

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