Kicking the Bucket: Approaches to Number Inventory Management

Number inventory management practices to consider in your strategy.

Kicking the Bucket: Approaches to Number Inventory Management

Number inventory management practices dictate how businesses manage their phone numbers for outbound calling. Yet many businesses cling to outdated number inventory management practices that no longer work.  For example, the traditional approach of accumulating large volumes of telephone numbers and placing just a handful of calls from each number, under the assumption that this mitigates the risk of being mislabeled by algorithms, is no longer viable. Today, there are transformative approaches to number inventory management that streamline operations and ensure cleaner, more efficient communication channels. Let’s get started!

The Fallacy of “More is Better”

For years, organizations within the call center industry have been led to believe that purchasing buckets of telephone numbers would shield their outbound calls from being wrongly tagged by algorithms. This belief has resulted in organizations amassing thousands of numbers, many of which are in areas they don’t even make calls to, making it impossible to keep their numbers clean. Number Sentry often encounters companies drowning in their Digital Inward Dialing (DID) inventory, burdened with numbers that are not needed at all or are either misbranded or mislabeled even before their first use.

The misconception that more numbers equate to less risk of mislabeling has been debunked. The algorithms utilized by the phone carriers and their partners have evolved, as has the likelihood of mislabeling your numbers as spam. This shift leads to call centers need for a more strategic, better-informed approach to managing number inventories.  Today, it is widely accepted that having fewer numbers that are better managed leads to less spam mislabeling of your call center’s outbound calls.

Embracing Precision with LocalPOPTM

The solution lies in precision and cleanliness over sheer volume. Number inventory management is not about how many numbers you have but about having the right numbers, in the right places, at the right quantities, and with the right business name being displayed. Number Sentry’s solution, Number Shield, leverages our exclusive LocalPOPTM analytics to help you achieve that goal. Number Shield does not just arbitrarily group numbers into generic buckets; it provides DIDs optimized to an organization’s actual outbound voice calling patterns. Number Shield gives you clean, unlabeled numbers with proper call branding from the outset.

The Starting Point: Rightsizing Your Inventory

In addition to not recognizing the need to streamline your number inventory, another challenge is to figure out how to start. Number Shield offers a starting point grounded in data—a traffic study of your actual outbound calls. This study identifies the precise numbers needed, the locations where they are required, and the appropriate area codes, paving the way for a more efficient, effective communication strategy.

How Number Sentry and Number Shield Can Help

Number Sentry is at the vanguard of revolutionizing number inventory management. Through its solution, Number Shield, coupled with its LocalPOPTM analytics, Number Sentry aids organizations in transcending the pitfalls of outdated inventory practices. By ensuring access to well-managed, clean numbers that accurately represent the business, organizations witness a significant uptick in connectivity rates. The ultimate ROI? More agents engaging in meaningful conversations with more consumers—driving success through more connects. Because every connect matters.

Number Sentry deeply understands the industry’s dilemma of excess phone numbers and the causes behind it.  Number Shield offers a tailored, data-driven approach to decluttering and optimizing number inventories. By focusing on the quality and relevance of numbers rather than quantity, businesses can save money, enhance their reputation, and achieve higher engagement levels.

A good number inventory management practice is not just beneficial but essential for the call center industry. As labeling and blocking algorithms become increasingly sophisticated, the importance of having a streamlined, clean, and strategically curated number inventory cannot be overstated. With Number Sentry’s expertise and innovative tools, like Number Shield, organizations can navigate this new era of outbound calling—where precision leads to performance, and performance drives profitability. Are you ready to kick that bucket? All it takes is a phone call: 678.915.2501.

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